Sound & Pictures

Misty Escarpment /Ruslan Osmonov /Brett Richardson

Misty Escarpment (vibraphone)/ Ruslan Osmonov (keys)/ Brett Richardson (double bass)

Misty Escarpment /Ruslan Osmonov

Misty Escarpment (vibraphone)/ Ruslan Osmonov (piano)/ Lachlan (drums)/ Declan (bass)

Misty Escarpment/Chris Tuxford

Misty Escarpment (vibraphone) / Chris Tuxford (guitar)




Played restaurants and the like in places such as Kings Cross, Sydney Australia.

vibromatic trio 1

Vibromatic recordings

Girl From Ipanema


Bewitched theme

Vibraphone: Misty Escarpment
Nylon Guitar: Corrina Bonshek
Double Bass: Oliver Smith

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